Millenia Hope: The proof is in the fraud

Millenia Hope: The proof is in the fraud


A business and fraud built on an ounce of truth and a pound of lies…


It took me two years of investigation to prove that Millenia Hope was simply a fraud. I never expected it to be so hard to prove. This is because the recipe for the success of Millenia Hope in manipulating its share price was pretty simple. You take an ounce of truth and you mix it up with a pound of lies. As a result, if Millenia Hope was interrogated on one of its claim by a regulator, it could defend itself by stating it was not a lie but a simple exaggeration fueled by the excitement that the opportunity represented. In fact, this was the strength of Leonard Stella, CEO of Millenia Hope and Global Biotech (now Purthanol). When it comes to mixing truths and lies, Stella was an amazing artist.


Proving the claims made by Millenia Hope and Stella were lies and not exaggerations, was extremely difficult to do. In fact, I despaired for a while in proving deceit on the part of Millenia Hope.


But my hard work of researching documents and the internet finally paid off when I was able to locate the results of a clinical trial ordered by Millenia Hope in 2005 and done in the Central African Republic by the Ministry of Health of this county. Sadly the results were only published in 2009. The report is attached here. We learned that in 2005, the results of this clinical trial involving the use of vocamine was so bad that the clinical trial was stopped. This report concluded:

“Contrarily to the claims by the Millenia Hope Company, our results confirm the doubts concerning the efficacy of this drug and its interest in the therapeutic arsenal of antimalarials available in the uncomplicated malaria treatment, as expressed by Orellana [7] and Martindale [8].”


click here to view the results of the clinical trial:




In all of the annual reports submitted by Millenia Hope and signed by Leonard Stella to the Securities Exchange Commission, the results of this clinical trial was never mentioned. In fact Millenia Hope stated:


“Each pre-selected African Village will implement as Home Based Treatment (HBT) anti-malaria program, since 80% of all deaths occur at home. HBT specifically targets women and children, as they are the segment of the population at the greatest risk. The programs will include: education effective anti-malaria treatments for the entire village consisting of Malarex/MMH tm18, attention to the environmental factors inherent in the spread of malaria i.e. stagnant water etc. and the promotion of co-operation between private individuals and public sector institutions in this initiative.


Taking the aforementioned into account, as of June 30, 2006, Millenia Hope had received 18 sales authorizations from West African nations, Congo (Brazzaville) and Guinea (Conakry), Togo, Burundi, Central African Republic, Benin, Gabon, Chad, Niger, Mali, Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea (Equatorial), Cameroon, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Mauritania and Burkina Faso, and one from the Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic. These authorizations mean that we have the right currently, without doing any further testing or receiving any further approval, to sell MALAREX/MMH(TM)18 to any individual, group, company or NGO or Governmental Agency in those countries.”


Clearly this was a lie on the part of Millenia Hope and Stella There is worst to come. In the annual report to the SEC, Millenia Hope stated:

Trial done by Dr. Soriba Cisse (equivalent to Phase III)


– In September 2005 Millenia Hope enrolled 230 persons in a trial at the Coca Cola facility in Guinea (Conakry), Africa. This trial, utilizing World Health Organization (WHO) approved protocols in a closed testing environment, was administrated by Dr. Soriba Cisse and staff from the Clinique Pasteur in Guinea (Conakry). Dr. Cisse is the Vice-President, Research and Development, for Millenia Hope. Of the 230 persons enrolled, 55 had malaria and all 55 (100%) were cured within 3 days of taking MALAREX/MMH(TM)18. The patients were monitored for 28 days and there was no recurrence of malaria in any of the patients, even though this is a high risk malaria region.


This again was a lie. There is as reason why you will not find the results of this trial in Guinea in any scientific journal. If the claim that 100% of the people were cured, you can bet the study would have been published. Instead let’s listen to one of the person and victim that was part of this trial:


BONAGUI : A worker is used as a guinea pig by a corporation!


CONAKRY- This business started in August 2005 when the corporation Bonagui S. A, through a service note signed by the Chief of human resources Diakité Mariama Késso, in partnership with the Clinic Pasteur, announced to the workers the arrival of team from a North Ameriaca labatory installed in Canada offering a free treatment against malaria.


….this operation targeted all the personal of the corporation through a free treatment. However after the passage of this team in Conarky, a lot of workers who had taken this treatment had complications. Some lost their sight and others even died following taking the prescribed medication. One of the personal who survived the medication was M. Camara Karifa who now suffers from a complication of the esophagus.


When we met this victim, M. Camara Karifa, told the following story: «It was on October 20 after the return of my vacation that I found a note asking us to do a medical visit against malaria. This is how we accepted the treatment. The doctors took a sample and then gave us a product called MALAREX MMH18 of 20 pills where I had to take 4 pills per day…. It’s on the third day that I had a medical crisis and the company sent me by car to the Clinique Pasteur. It’s on the following day that I regained consciousness and I stayed at the clinic for 5 days… but I had to come back and this time I had to stay 22 days….


These were the true results of the medical trial conducted in Guinea. And this was certainly not reported by Stella which proved he lied to shareholders in order to manipulate the share price of Millenia Hope.


The deeper I dig into Millenia Hope the more unbelievable fact I uncover. Sadly the victims of Millenia Hope will never recover their money or health. As far as Stella, he is still free to hurt people by using a new corporation named Global Biotech which has now taken the name of Purthanol.

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