Millenia Hope: The Whole Story

Millenia Hope Inc. was incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware, United States of America and domiciled at 333 West Wacker Drive, Chicago Illinois, USA. We could state that this is probably the only fact associated with Millenia Hope that cannot be contested. We will observe that the rest of the facts pertaining to Millenia were grossly enlarged and possibly even fabricated to promote the trading of Millenia’ securities.


Founded in 1997, Millenia Hope Inc. is a small biotech company based in Montreal formed to further develop and distribute an anti-malarial agent called MALAREX/MMH(TM)18. Millenia had purchased an Italian patent for a natural compound called “vocamine”, derived from the roots and barks of the Brazilian plant Peschiera fuchsiaefolia, a source of traditional remedies against fever.


My report on Millenia Hope will focus, examine and reveal amazing truths on the following areas:


1) Buying of an Italian patent 98A 000181 from Silvio Rossi and Giuseppe Bertelli Motta


2) Claims regarding the drug Malarex and whether Millenia failed to disclose to its shareholders through its submitted reports to SEC, the real effectiveness of this drug by not revealing the results of a clinical trial it ordered in 2005 (only published in 2009) and performed by Didier Ménard, Nestor Madji, Alexandre Manirakiza, Alain Le Faou and Gérard Grésenguet; a clinical trial conducted under WHO protocol and performed by the Ministry of Health of the Central African Republic.


3) We will again review the purchase of Avance Pharma becaming Millenia Hope BioPharma which allowed Millenia Hope to sell its shares in Quebec without being registered as securities.


4) We will review the amazing and quite unsettling purchase of Sword Comp-Soft Corp which was supposed to be operating a medical web site for self diagnosis and which had positive revenue (as per Millenia Hope disclosure to shareholders). Sword abandoned this so called profitable line of business to venture to start a venture in the car tacking business. This did not work either. Then Sword became Global Biotech and decided to go into the bottled water business claiming that oxygenated water represented a tremendous market.


With humans not interested into this oxygenated water, it was only natural for Global Biotech to go after the pet market. Dogs drinking bottled oxygenated water was the new market… but the pets in question dismissed this product a lot more quickly than their human counterparts.


Finally Global Biotech could not come up with any other claims regarding this bottled water and finally exited this market. It changed its name to Purthanol in order to produce a mixture of ethanol and water fuel using sweet sorghum and sweet pearl millet as a renewable, sustainable cash crop alternative to fossil fuel.


5) We will look at Espoir Millenaire owned by Claude Villeneuve who supposedly bough the right to distribute Malarex through this company


6) We will look at all the related parties starting with Leonard Stella and map all the corporations owned or where they acted as directors for all individuals connected to Millenia


7) Finally we will look at other purchases or deals with companies such as Cibecol and Richgold Corp.


As you can see, this report will contain a lot of information. The great challenge is to present this information without losing the readers through a maze of disputable deals and press releases…

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