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consumer protection


We intend to change Financial Planning the same way Wordpress changed blogging

National Database of Consumer Complaints

Information at the service of the consumer. By recording your complaint we can track and identify commercial practices harmful to the consumer

Financial Applications and Tools

We will develop applications and tools based on the right practice for the consumer

Class Actions

Class Actions initiated from the complaints recorded in our National Database is the only road to a responsible financial industry that is accountable to the consumer


Regulators do not care about victims of fraud, illegal practices and infractions. Consumers must take care of their own protection. Our investigations will uncover the truth.

Justice League Fund

Truth has no place left in our justice system. It's just business. Justice has been commercialized and the one who will win is the one with the most financial resources. We will establish a fund to help victims survive the justice system


It is your money and you must know about it. We offer a selection of books to help consumers managing their money

Electronic HotLine

Do you have any questions on any financial topics? We have set up an electronic hotline to ensure you have access to all the right information.

Alert Notices

Special notices to alert consumers about commercial practices that could harm them financially.


If the financial industry does not design it, we will do it. The needs of consumers will not be ignored


You should own your financial plan. It should be dynamic and in real time...



Financial planning should be about choices. Open source financial planning allow access to a multitude of financial planning templates...


Data ID Standards (DIDS) for the independant development of financial applications and libraries in a thriving marketplace...