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More than 120 billion of dollars of insurance is cancelled annually in Canada and USA with the policy owners having absolutely no knowledge of the true value of the insurance they are cancelling. This type of cancellations means big business and big profits for insurers. The insurer is telling you the T100 you have bought has not value because there is no Cash Surrender Value; well don’t take their word for it; use our calculator and find out how your insurance is really worth and how you can put that money into your pocket instead of the insurer’s pocket….


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What is the true value of my life insurance?

Insurance is not only a property; it is an important asset that can be worth a lot of money. The true value of life insurance as an asset is called its Fair Market Value (FMV)."

"The goal of owning an asset is to maximize its value. The true value of life insurance is therefore based on its replacement value. What would it cost you to buy the same life insurance today based on your current health and age? For example, if you bought a T100 for $2,500 and it would cost you $12,500 to buy the same policy today; the difference represents an annual value of $10,000 annually. MR FMV evaluates this annual difference to calculate the present value of this annual cash flow with a mortality offset. In the case above, while the T100 has no cash values, the insurer does want the policy owner to know that the policy has a FMV of around $95,000 because if he cancels the policy, it is the insurer who will take a profit of $95,000. Would you therefore trust your insurer or even your insurance agent?

Warning: It is documented that Insurers have threatened to end the career of insurance agents if this insurance agents actively reveal to the consumer that his policy has a FMV while providing information as to how to benefit from this FMV through a life settlement option. Therefore any information provided by the insurer should be considered suspect.

Can I use this calculator for any policies?

For the moment this calculator only is available for lapse supported T100 and Universal Life. A lapse supported product is a product where the Cost of Insurance is level. It is easy for any consumer to assess the FMV of these lapse supported products with this calculator.

It is not as easy but it can also be used for Universal Life with Yearly Increasing Cost of Insurance, however, the policy owner will require an inforce illustration with premiums calculated to age 100 and where Cash Values are the same at age 100 than the current cash values. This will be the original premium and the new premium will be a new sale illustration solving for the same variables at current health and age. We believe that consumers due to the complexity of these illustrations should seek help from one of our insurance specialist.

What is a life settlement?

There is a lot of confusion about what a life settlement really is because the term has been hijacked by insurers in their war against the viatical settlement industry. Viatical life settlement is one type of life settlement. Therefore life settlement is a general term encompassing all types of life settlements while a viatical settlement is one type of life settlement only.

As a result, a life settlement is the disposition, wholly or in part, of an interest in the property of a life insurance policy in favor of a third party for or without any forms of considerations. This third party can be yourself through your corporation, a charity, a member of your family or a viatical company specializing into viatica settlements. It is important to understand there are many choices but our affiliated evaluators and insurance specialists are there to help you.

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