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Life Insurance

DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) insurance. All the information a DIYer needs to sucessfully get life insurance or have an intermediary get that insurance for him

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The Estate Bond Concept

The estate bond is a life insurance concept that utilizes the guaranteed interest rate offered by a Universal Life or the guarantees of a Whole Life to double or even triple the value of an estate (ON A GUARANTEED BASIS) using the tax benefits of life insurance. So if you won't spend your money, why not maximize what will be left behind?


The Insured Annuity

Why not using underwriting against an insurer. When you do not go through underwriting, the insurer does not know your health and must therefore assume regular mortality which means higher mortality. However in a case of an annuity, this means a higher income since the insurer will assume you will die at an earlier date. Then you use this annuity to purchase a T100 life insurance policy where you are underwritten. Being underwritten, you will get access to lower mortality and therefore a lower premium on your T100. A great way to maximize an estate by using mortality against an insurer and it is all guaranteed


Charitable Giving

Being able to give a life insurance policy at Fair Market Value may mean that the charitable tax credit may be greater than the cash value of the policy...


Need versus Want

Never compromise the insurance that you need by buying the insurance that you want. By providing the DIYer the life insurance basics, we will ensure the DIYer never do the same mistake that most life insurance agent do or are they doing this mistake on purpose?


Who can sell you insurance?

As a DIYer, there are many ways to buy insurance. You can buy it yourself or you can use an intermediary. Understanding who is this intermediary is critical before using their services.


How do you buy insurance?

As a DIYer, there are many ways to buy insurance. You can buy it yourself or you can use an intermediary. You can use an agent. You can buy the insurance through a store, a university, an association... We are giving you the basics here but you can learn a lot more about each distribution channel by reading our guide to distribution


Which Term should I buy?

Buying a Term insurance product seems easy but it can be complex. What duration should you select? What about conversion and renewals? Which underwriting should I target? This can become complex. But don't despair we have all the information available to the DIYer to make it simple


Why is our insurance need calculator unique?

We have designed a calculator that is simple and unique by how comprehensive it is. The need is not only calculated at the time of purchase but it is also calculated up to the time of your retirement if this is your desire. The amount of insurance you will purchase will fund your highest need for life insurance throughout your life. With this calculator you will be able to do a better job than what most professional agents can do for you. It is great to be a DIYer. The DIYer can then choose to have the term duration analysis and use this analysis to select the best term duration. A term and invest the difference can be added as an annex to this need analysis. Be a DIYer means empowerment!


Underwriting: What should I do?

Most consumers don't understand that they have a choice when it comes down to underwriting. As a DIYer you can choose the type of underwriting you want. First you have to link underwriting to insurance prices. The more elaborate the underwriting is, the greater ACCESS to a BEST price a DIYer will have. But this is a double edge sword. If that additional underwriting reveals a health issue, then you will get a worst pricing than if you had selected a lesser form of underwriting. We have a few tips for the DIYer that the DIYer can use to select the best form of underwriting.


Why insurance should not be used as an investment?

If someone is showing life insurance as a form of investment particularly to supplement retirement income, you HAVE to consider this person as a thief and criminal. This is a scam. As an investment, life insurance is not a tax shelter. Management expense ratios are extremely high and are not disclosed on the illustration. Volatility is deliberately excluded to make the illustration look good. Did we say it? Life insurance as an investment is a scam and we even wrote a book about it


Why are lapses good business for insurers?

While insurance is not a good investment, it is a great asset to have. When managing an asset, you must determine its value. Insurance companies try to restrict access to this information in order to protect the profitability of billions of dollars of lapses occuring in Canada and it is working out for these insurers. Most Canadians cancel their life insurance policy without having any idea of the fair market value of their life insurance. This is so wrong but we will change this by providing the DIYer the information that was denied to other Canadians. Another reason to be a DIYer