What is CoStacks

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The Financial Services Consumer Alliance intends to change financial planning the same way Wordpress changed blogging. We want to put financial planning back under the control of the consumer. We want consumers to own their financial plan giving them access to a financial planning software platform they control LOCALLY, modify and easily access in real time. The consumer will be able to build his own financial plan LOCALLY by STACKING templates, plug-ins,applications and tools developped by third parties offered on a free or paid basis

How we will do it

CoStacks: Owning your data is the key to future financial wealth

We will achieve our mission by :
• Local: We don't believe in the cloud... We believe in a locally run platform where you can own and control your data.
• Ownership: Your data is your data. It should not go on the cloud unless someone is paying you a fee to use and access your data. Data is the future currency of tomorrow's world.
• Standards: By establishing strong standards, this will allow third party to develop applications and templates which the user can select through the financial planning platform.
• Open Source: By having the platform offered on an open source, it will allow you to develop a financial plan that will always meet your needs.
• Access: The user will have access to the Stacks Market giving access to free or paid financial planning add-ons to the platform

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There is only one person responsible for your money and it is you. It is important to know what is right and when/how it is right


Knowing your rights is the only path to deciding whether you will do it yourself or delegate some responsibilities to an advisor

Right Advisor

If you choose to use an advisor, you must be able to choose the right one. Advisor Right is the only process that rates advisor...


Rating an advisor is not enough. He has to be a match. Our process dynamically matches the advisor to you based on your needs


Financial planning can be complex. It can be hard to determine the rights solutions. Our tools, template and libraries will change this


Protecting consumers is our main goal. We offer an audit process to our members if they have doubts about a financial solution shown to them