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Canadians lose 40%+ of their lifetime retirement assets to the financial industry!

A new book explaining how not to lose money when investing

This is what we learn from The Poor Bartender; the only UNCENSORED book on how not to lose money when dealing with the financial industry. This book shows how saving money is the easy part of retirement planning. Investing money is the hard part and this is where Canadians lose most of their retirement savings. Why is this? This is because as soon as you start investing money, you have to deal with the financial industry; an industry built upon the premise of offering you the least amount of value for the most amounts of fees for its products and services.other words, why are you calling to waste my time? And then I even get a bigger smile when the medialist tells me that he would never accept censorship and that if he couldn’t publish the story based on the truth he would quit.

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