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FSCA offers a wide range of free services towards protecting consumers

The Financial Services Consumer Alliance (FSCA) is NOT AN ORGANIZATION. IT IS A NATIONAL ALLIANCE of consumers SHARING THE SAME CONCERNS AND created exclusively to defend and promote the specific rights and interests of consumers who have purchased a financial product offered by the insurance, mortgage, credit and investment industry. The FSCA will intervene in all consumer issues within the financial industry at all jurisdiction levels whether it is federal or provincial. The main objective of FSCA is to give consumers control and choices over their financial affairs.

DIY Financial Planning

Discover the DIY financial planning process...

DIY financial planning is process that we have created to empower consumers to take control over their financial affairs.
• It is a process that employs strategic, tactical and operational planning to determine what can be delegated and not delegated assigning responsibilities and accountabilities for the success of a financial plan.
• If delegation occurs at the tactical level; this delegation is structured around legal mandates.
• DIY financial planning is about educating consumers about how to own their financial plan.
• DIY financial planning will be simplified through the use of our CoStacks program.


CoStacks available in 2017... What is it?

CoStacks will do to financial planning what Wordpress did to blogging
Many people believe financial planning to be too complex. As a result, instead delegating they give away control over their financial affairs. This is wrong. CoStacks will be a free open-source financial decisions management system that will be run locally (localhost) to create financial plans through the use of HTML/CSS templates giving the user access to a marketplace specifically designed to provide dynamic result through the use of web applications and plug-ins.

Meet Richard Proteau

Learn more about FSCA through this interview

Richard Proteau has worked in the financial industry all of his professional life. After earning different financial industry designations such as FLMI, CLU, RHU, and CFP, Richard wrote many articles regarding fiscal laws pertaining to investments and life insurance. His last professional position was as Vice President of sales in the province of Quebec for a large insurance company. He has been a speaker at many industry conferences.

He currently advocates for the consumer rights of investors and insurance policy holders.

Richard is also working on submitting a report on the commercial practices of insurance companies. The first important conclusion of this report is that insurance companies have monopolized the influence over the decisional process regarding the changes needed to modernize regulations in this industry. The consumer is not represented. In fact, the power of the insurance lobby is so great that it has prevented any meaningful changes in this industry for the last 40 years.This is why he decided to create the Financial Services Consumer Alliance (FSCA)

Richard Proteau is also an author having written 2 books:
The Poor Bartender on Kindle
Unraveling the Universal Life Scam


There is only one person responsible for your money and it is you. It is important to know what is right and when/how it is right


Knowing your rights is the only path to deciding whether you will do it yourself or delegate some responsibilities to an advisor

Right Advisor

If you choose to use an advisor, you must be able to choose the right one. Advisor Right is the only process that rates advisor...


Rating an advisor is not enough. He has to be a match. Our process dynamically matches the advisor to you based on your needs


Financial planning can be complex. It can be hard to determine the rights solutions. Our tools, template and libraries will change this


Protecting consumers is our main goal. We offer an audit process to our members if they have doubts about a financial solution shown to them